Standalone Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS)
The Firenor CAF systems delivers Florine free foam solution to protect various applications by creating a fine foam solution which attacks all three sides of the fire triangle simultaneously.

Firenor is delivering pre-engineered fire suppression systems, featuring single or multiple generator assemblies. These assemblies, constructed in the factory, are tailored to the number of nozzles required, with the capacity to combine multiple CAF generators for larger hazardous areas. The CAF generators can be powered by pressure tanks for self-contained supply systems or a foam proportioner for fixed water supply systems. A significant advantage of our systems is the lower water flow and pressure compared to traditional foam water systems, which allows for a design that demands up to 75% less water.

Firenor is proud to offer the Fluorine-Free CAF Fire Suppression System. The advancement of compressed air foam technology has revolutionized the approach of fire protection engineers to flammable liquid fire hazards. Firenor’s ACAF technology offers a proven delivery system with significantly enhanced fire extinguishing performance characteristics.